March Message From Blue Stars Director

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There are many exciting things going on with the 2006 Blue Stars as we prepare for the organization’s first Division 1 tour in 23 years. The most exciting is the growth that our membership has shown not only in size but in commitment, talent and confidence. The improvement that our members have shown early on from camp to camp has been excellent.

This outstanding drive and motivation has to come from somewhere and it has been coming in large doses from our instructional staff. These people teach because they love this great activity and have respect for the Blue Stars organization. The respect that our members have for our instructional staff will take the 2006 corps far. It’s great to see these relationships develop and strengthen. Of course having one of the most talented and experienced creative teams in the world developing our program helps to make this entire process run smoothly.

None of what we do would be possible without a great volunteer base and we are developing one! Each month the interest in helping this corps succeed has increased with more volunteers. We are always looking for more help and looking forward to our 2006 tour we have needs in all area, especially for licensed, CDL drivers.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Chris Dally and Sharon Jones for coordinating our 2006 food program and to Chris and Terry Jahn from Jahn transfer for moving our equipment trailer to and from each of our camps.

The 2006 Blue Stars have the potential to accomplish great things. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to contribute to our success.
email: chad [at] bluestars [dot] org">chad [at] bluestars [dot] org
phone: 612-695-4906

Finis Coronat Opus,

Chad Armbruster, Corps Director

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