Michigan City Hosting Div. II/III “Preview Of Champions”

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All Division II & III corps on their way to Madison this summer for the 2006 DCI World Championships, will convene in Michigan City, Ind. on Aug. 5 and 6, for the Great Lakes Open.

As a lead-up to the Division II & III World Championships, the performance scores of 14 corps on Friday, Aug. 5, and 17 corps on Saturday, Aug. 6, will be utilized to seed these groups for preliminary competition at the championships two days later.

"At this event, the Western corps will meet the Eastern and Midwestern corps in front of the same judges for the first time all season," said Division II & III coordinator JW Koester. "This two day competition format has proven to be quite successful for the corps the past few years as a great way to provide consistent exposure with the judging community and for the audience."

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