New Of The Glassmen’s European Tour

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(Translation via AltaVista Babelfish)

Everyone inquires: "What’s happening with the Glassmen in Europe this summer?". Here is what to know about these American boys and girls coming from Toledo, Ohio, for whom their program will be relatively charged…

For the Glassmen (the French literal translation of their name does not favour them so much: "the glassmakers"), this European trip is historical because they are celebrating their 45th birthday.

It is a 14 day voyage they will undertake in Europe during which they will pass through France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

"This trip has been in preparation for 18 months and I am happy to finally be able to divulge with each one of you the details of this organization" explained Brian Hickman, the executive director of the Glassmen. "What is most important, I think, is that this will be an unforgettable performance and a great cultural experiment for all the members of our corps".

Read the rest of the article (in French) here.

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