2006 Buglers Hall Of Fame Inductees

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The Buglers Hall of Fame inductees for the Class of 2006 were recently released by the Champions on Parade committee. Kenton Clarke, once again Grand Marshal of this year’s event, and a member of the inaugural HOF class, said the atmosphere and drum corps spirit of the Festival continues to be an attractive setting for the weekend festivities.

This year’s list (below), spanning all eras of drum corps bugling, continues to embellish the attributes of this distinct group of players: contributions to their craft, superior playing ability and longevity in the activity.

They will be honored this year at the 2006 Barnum Festival in Bridgeport, CT on July 1st a venue where virtually all of the inductees honed their bugling talent while thrilling thousands of drum corps fans. As an added bonus at this year’s all Alumni show, the HOF inductees will be playing some selections along with the Music Express, a composite group of brass aficionados from all walks of drum corps, playing swing tunes so near and dear to our hearts.

Enthusiasm reigns high among the honorees. Both Ernie Fessler of Skyliner fame and Mike DelVecchio from the Cabs, were "deeply honored to have been selected and thankful of the nominating committee". George DelMonte, the ever enduring Hawthorne soloist, stated it more simply: " this fabulous honor threw me for a loop!"

As mentioned earlier, this year’s inductees span all eras of drum corps, and the effect they had on us all is immeasurable. Bill Hayes single handedly molded the superior horn line sound for not one national power but, two: Blessed Sacrament and the St. Catherine’s Queensmen. Jeff Kievit, a professional virtuoso, dedicated his entire youth to the growth of the Hawthorne Muchachos, while Bonnie Ott provided inspiration for many young women in drum corps to achieve their potential as brass players in a male dominated activity.

Asking what the Dave Letterman Late Show Band would be without the shrilling sound of Al (Goober) Chez would be akin to imaging what that famous St. Kevin’s french horn sound would be without the talent of Frank Buzzy Bergdoll. And who could forget the ‘Godfather’ of contras, Teddy Sasso as he played his signature solo, ‘Rock-a-Bye, with the Sunrisers.

The 2006 Barnum Festival once again transcends drum corps at its finest. An exhibition of superb talent with only one purpose in mind ….entertainment!

Be sure to mark down July 1st on you calendar to be a part of this extravaganza. You do not want to miss it!

Source: Barnum Festival Champions on Parade Committee

Here’s the complete list for the Buglers Hall of Fame Class of 2006:

Name Corps Affiliation
Ernie Fessler Skyliners
Frank (Buzzy) Bergdoll St. Kevin’s
Ted Sasso Queensmen, Sunrisers
Bonnie Ott Stockton Commodores, Blue Devils
George DelMonte Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Anne’s, Caballeros
Mike DelVecchio Dover Cadets, Caballeros
Bill Hayes Skyliners, Caballeros, Blessed Sac, Queensmen
Jeff Kievit Hawthorne Muchachos
Al (Goober) Chez Saints, Garfield, Reading Buccaneers, Bushwackers
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