Allegience Elite Inactive For 2006

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Allegiance Elite is proud to announce a new program that will commence this summer. Through the hard work of the administration and instructional staff, Allegiance will be doing a theatre-style show that will be performed indoors and out throughout Alberta. This type of performance will allow the organization to focus the summer months on local recruitment with the intent to build up a strong corps for the 2007 DCI season.

In lieu of this, some alumni of the organization have started the "11 Minutes of Fame" recruitment campaign. The idea of this campaign is to bring drum corps to the forefront in Western Canada where the activity is not well known. This campaign involves presentations at local schools and information nights for parents at community centers. At the information nights, the crowd is actively involved in the presentation and learns about how drum corps combines musical education and athletic participation. A Web site has been set up and can be viewed at

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