BlueView Episode Hits 10,000 Downloads In One Week

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Since the first episode of The Blue Devils Podcast “BlueView” the number of viewers of the program has been growing. Christensen Media is proud to announce the 10,000th download of the most recent episode in one week. “That is up 58% from our previous episode,” states John Christensen, producer/director. “I’m sure it didn’t hurt to have the brass perform parts of this season’s show at the end of the program. Fans want to know what’s going on in the off-season and thanks to the internet they can get their drum corps fix for free!” All three episodes to date have been downloaded 40,000 times.

Camp Reports a Growing Trend

The use of web videos and podcasts are becoming the norm for most drum corps. As the broadband market continues its reach into more homes, video and audio access to the corps is a great tool to help promote the activity.

How to Access Podcasts

Spending several hundred dollars for an I-pod is not required to access the BlueView program. Just point your browser to and select the “BlueView” link. You can watch the program on your computer with a choice of either QuickTime or Windows Media. Christensen Media has been producing video programs for various corps and DCI since 2000. Their offices are located in Sacramento, CA.

BlueView Web Download Stats 3/30/2006

One Week Downloads:

BV Episode 1 5,451
BV Episode 2 7 ,001 28%
BV Episode 3 1 0,726 53%

Total Downloads:
Jan 18th to March 29th

BV Episode 1 13,327
BV Episode 2 15,836
BV Episode 3 10,726

Format choice:

.wmv 21,627 54%
.mp4 18,263 46%
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