Crossmen Fixin’ Frenzy

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On April 21-23 the Crossmen will meet in Penns Grove, NJ for yet another winter camp to work diligently on their 2006 program entitled Cruisin’. In the meantime, we are planning to spend the entire weekend from Friday night through Sunday afternoon fixing, correcting, cleaning, adjusting and adding to as many Crossmen vehicles as we can possibly get our hands onto!

On-site will be the equipment trailer, the food truck, the motor home, the box truck, possibly the souvenir trailer and a 15-passenger van. There are project lists being created, supplies being purchased, and many meetings taking place to get all in order for this productive weekend which will prepare the Crossmen for summer ‘06.

In order to pull a weekend like this off, WE NEED YOUR TALENT! We are looking for carpenters, electricians, plumbers, welders, refrigeration specialists, A/C specialists, cleaners, helpers and even those think they would be no help at all…we can find something for you to help with! We not only need people dedicated to helping with the vehicles, but we also need people dedicated to making the camp run smoothly as well (cooks, small vehicle drivers, etc).

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