First Outdoor Rehearsal For Beatrix’

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The weekend of the 1st of April featured the last rehearsal weekend for the drum line and the first outdoor rehearsal for the corps!

The weekend began on Friday at 8 o’clock in the corps hall where the drum line rehearsed in sections until 21.30. The bass line worked on the opener, Artistry Suite, and the 4th movement in the show, Night and Day. The snares worked on these two songs as well. The tenors worked on the opener, Artistry Suite, and a new exercise that was added to the exercise book. The evening ended with a half hour ensemble for the whole field percussion section. The front ensemble used this evening to progress in learning the music from the second movement, Alone.

On Saturday the first outdoor rehearsal was planned. The day began with a good warm-up for all the muscles. The rest of the morning was used for learning the drill of the opener, which was done before the lunch.

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