Kilties Winter Guard/Corps Sponsor Program

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The Kilties have formulated a sponsorship program for winter guard members who earn a spot, and become are a member of The Kilties color guard program for their 2006 70th Anniversary drum corps season.

This is a program that offers financial sponsorships directly to the winter guard of their choice.

The Kiltie sponsorship program will help a member defray winter color guard program costs, and the sponsorship funds are submitted directly to the winter guard of their choice for the upcoming 2006-2007 season from The Kilties on behalf of the member. We do enter into a contract to ensure the sponsorship is directed to a winter guard members account.

The Kilties are having final auditions the weekend of April 22nd & 23rd, and inviting anyone interested to attend. The Kilties color guard is coed, and the corps has an all age format.

What the sponsorship entails is very simple.

When candidate auditions, and if the candidate makes the line; at the drum corps season end, but prior to winter guard season, The Kilties will sponsor the member who came in under this program (from their winter guard) with $200 towards their winter guard financial obligations for the 2006-07 season.

The Kilties will remit the sponsorship funds directly to their winter guard of choice for credit to the member’s account.

The Kilties realize doing both of these performing arts (winter guard & drum corps) can be budget concerning for many, but yet there are so many wonderful performers who would like to do both. This may help in the process for some to enjoy the performing arts in both arenas.

The Kilties are very proud to have Jason Foster full time as The Kilties Color Guard Caption Head and Designer. Jason’s affiliations are not only in winter guard and high school band programs, but more importantly….with The Blue Devil organization.

Jason teaches the direct technique used by The Blue Devils Summer Guard Program. This is Jason’s 3rd year with The Kilties, and needless to say he has built a wonderful performing format.

The opportunity to potential members to keep training throughout the summer with Mr. Fosters’ program would be invaluable alone. Now place the value of a financial sponsorship for winter guard, it’s a "win-win" situation for those who pass auditions.

The Kilties do have modest dues of $225, and expenses are "out of pocket," but our summer schedule is select weekends only (all but two outings, are in the Midwest) which allows time for friends, family, work, school, etc., but yet enables one to still enjoy the performing arts.

Since The Kilties are a nonprofit organization, modest expenses and such may be tax deductible either on the member’s own tax filing, or as a dependent on another person(s) filing.

The Kilties offer this program in the spirit of shared passion of the performing arts; winter guard and drum corps.

The Kilties believe this is a wonderful program to assist performers financially for the 2006-07 winter guard season, and just as importantly, keep the performers trained throughout the summer.

We do have a special membership site for the corps in general. That site is located at

The Kilties only have a limited amount of sponsorships. The organization has a limit of 6 right now, but are working on securing 4 more for a total of 10, and feel very confident they may be able to offer the full ten at the upcoming auditions for those that secure a spot.

The Kilties already have 12 spots filled, so this is to audition to fill the remaining spots.

If any performer is interested, one of two things may be done.

The Kilties may be contacted directly via email to kilties2004 [at] aol [dot] com, or they can simply visit the above mentioned website. There is an online application which anyone interested may fill out and simply note "color guard audition camp." There is no audition fee.

This Kilties believe this is a wonderful and worthwhile program for those who qualify.

After all is said and done….it’s all really about the performers and offering an opportunity for them to train and perform in a positive environment.

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