Raiders Announce New “Unique” Sponsor

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Over the years, The Drum & Bugle Corps activity has been compared to several different physical sporting activities combined with high impact aerobics. Corps usually practice early in the morning and end late at night and most times in the scorching summer heat.

When the day is done, there usually is little or no relief from the day’s activities.

The Raiders are proud to announce their newest sponsor that will help each member throughout the marching season. BODYGLIDE, ( an anti-friction skin formula is designed to help all types of athletes, including the marching athlete, with their day to day activities. BodyGlide Skin Formula is a unique all natural skin lubricant created to stand up to rubbing and moisture, prime causes of skin irritation. Anyone that has ever participated in the Drum & Bugle Corps activity knows exactly how they feel after an entire day of practice on and off the field. BodyGlide helps stop skin trouble before it starts, and it helps avoid the need for first aid products. It is remarkably comfortable and reliably effective. The BodyGlide Skin Formula is not another liquid, powdery substance, lotion, potion–or an empty promise.

BODYGLIDE is so ecstatic to be part of this exciting and energizing group! We look forward to watching the corps grow and hope Bodyglide can help get them when they need that extra protection, especially on those hot summer days” said Amber Serrano of the Seattle, WA based, BODYGLIDE Company.

Tom Maiello, Director of the Raiders also added, “This again shows our commitment to our members. Anything we can do to provide a better experience to our members is always what we want, from new musical equipment to personal products; we will do what is needed to make marching with us a positive experience

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