Black Knights Equipment Truck Stolen

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Saturday night, the equipment truck of the Black Knights Drum & Bugle Corps from Gravesend was stolen. The truck had the entire battery and some brass instruments on board. On Sunday, the truck was recovered and still driveable.

"No sooner had word got out than I had several phone calls all offering support and instruments", senior corps coordinator Emma Weir of the Black Knights said. "We would just like to say thanks to everybody for that, but especially Ian and Sue Lyall and Southern Aurora, Joe Fitzpatrick and the Senators, Phil Clegg and 6th Hove, Kev Gannaway Pitt and 37th Kingswood, Keith Morris and Phoenix Coventry, all at Kidsgrove, Northern Star and Forgeman and Gavin Johnson DCUK Chairman and Steve Muzio DCUK Trustee, who all responded amazingly so by lunchtime yesterday we had borrowed or replaced all the instruments we lost."

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