Blue Knights Announce 2006 Program

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Dark Knights explores of the music of Samuel Barber, embracing the rich romantic melodies, aggressive rhythmic textures and dark harmonies embodied in his “Piano Concerto Op. 38.” Derived from the original’s three movements, “Dark Knights” is presented in 6 movements. The show is without storyline, purely about music, movement and emotion.

I. The sultry "Intro" utilizes thick, rich harmonies interwoven with haunting melodic material from the Concerto’s Movement II.

II. The “Opener” is inspired by the original’s Movement III, “Allegro molto” and is a wild ride on a brisk 5/8 motif that unites the entire corps in classic Blue Knight form.

III. The ensuing "Gigue," is a complete reversal of attitude, exploring the integration of low brass and front ensemble colors, highlighted with artful movement from entities throughout the corps.

IV. Melodic material from Movement II combines beautifully blended sounds and elegant movement into a signature Blue Knights “Ballad”.

V. The "Interlude" features the front ensemble as the pianist and the brass and percussion as orchestra, combining thematic material into a virtuosic thrill ride that would challenge any performer!

VI. The "Closer" is a furious recapitulation of themes which blends all the elements of the program into one complete thought.

"Born of what I feel. I am not a self conscious composer," Samuel Barber speaks to the 2006 Blue Knights offering of Dark Knights.

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