Cadets Announce 2006 Program

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Volume 2: Through the Looking Glass

Join the Cadets as they return to the surrealistic world of "The Zone" where anything can happen and probably will. As the show begins with the song History Repeating by the Propellerheads sung by Cadets lead vocalist Amy Hernandez it will be obvious the Cadets are returning with a show that is both innovative and fun. The lyrics and groove from History Repeating are the perfect setting for the Return to the Zone.

Chapter I begins with an arrangement of the 60’s psychedelic rock classic White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, where we meet Alice as she enters the 4th and final (?) dreamscape Wonderland.

In Chapter 2 Alice enters the Garden of Wonderland. A psychedelic land where she meets a cast of whacky characters. The opening to The Garden is loosely based on music from the film score Pollock but quickly moves into original music by Cadet arrangers Jay Bocook, Tom Aungst and Neil Larrivee. An exciting piece of music that combines the power and excellence of the Cadets music ensemble with Jeff Sacktig’s wild and fast paced drill. Cadets Color Guard headed by Jonathan Schwartz and Emma Roberts and the design team of Greg Lagola, Curtis Uhlemann, and Travis Estler III once again bring innovation and excellence to the field.

Chapter III shows off Cadets powerhouse Percussion ensemble in The Mad Tea Party. This arrangement is based on more of the innovative electronica/acid-house music by The Propellerheads. This Dance/Party section of the program revolves around the further antics of Alice and her new found friends from Wonderland. Great beats integrated with trippy voice and plenty of sound effects combine to make this a Cadet classic.

The ballad "I Am Your Shadow" comes from music by singer Lisa Gerrard. It is a haunting melody which will explore the combination of voice with the lush sounds of the Cadet Brass line and Front Ensemble. Alice now begins to understand that she may not be who she thinks she is and that Wonderland may not be real at all!

In the final chapter Alice gets trapped in the maze as she tries to find her way out of the Zone. The music Diaspora Dances comes from the 3rd section of Leonard Bernstein’s final major orchestral work Concerto for Orchestra "Jubilee Games. Bernstein’s characteristic jazzy milieu with its rhythmic game-playing and street-wise tones is the perfect ending to Cadets 2006 production of Volume 2: Through The Looking-Glass.

Prologue History Repeating: Revisiting the Zone History Repeating – The Propellerheads

Chapter I Wonderland: We meet Alice White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

Chapter II The Garden: Alice meets some Characters The Garden – Bocook, Aungst, Larrivee

Chapter III The Mad Tea Party: The Adventure continues! Music from the Propellerheads – Aungst, Larrivee

Chapter IV I Am You Shadow: Things are not what they seem. Sanvean: I Am Your Shadow – Lisa Gerrard, Andrew Claxton

Chapter V The Maze: Gotta get out! Diaspora Dances from Concerto for Orchestra- Leonard Bernstein

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