Lille To Host 2006 ‘Best Of Bands’

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The Stadium Lille Metropole in Villeneuve d’Ascq in France will be the home for the 2006 Best of Bands festival. The event is scheduled for Sunday, June 25th, 2006. Although the Glassmen are unable to participate, music fans will have a unique opportunity to see many of the top groups in Europe perform at a high quality event.

Groups attending are Beatrix (DCE Europe Champions), K&G Leiden (Kerkrade World Champions), The Nottingham Police Pipe Band (UK), Muziekkorps Ufhausen (Germany) and The Senators (DCUK Champion). In addition, K&G Leiden will perform two additional exhibitions during the day. "This show is a great opportunity for fans to see the shows from Beatrix and Senators before the DCE Championships next September", Cédric Paques of Vent d’Etoiles Productions said.

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