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The planning board for the Albany Mini-corps Project has announced a name for the group: Capital Brass.

With the founder and ex-members of the former DCA-finalist Capitol Brass (original spelling) on the planning board, discussions on a name kept coming back to this one.

The group already has several ex-members involved in the project. And the idea of carrying on the entertaining and progressive history of the former field corps, coupled with the very marketable and descriptive name, made the decision for the board.

Capitol Brass was a competitive senior corps (at first operating as Noble-Callahan) from 1985-1993 and was a DCA affiliate member for several years. They carried a full DCA schedule in their last few years, and placed in DCA Finals in 1993. The corps made consistent and steady competitive progress throughout their history, and is the most recent competitive field corps, junior or senior, to hail from the Albany, NY area.

The all-new Capital Brass will begin performing as a brass ensemble this fall, with percussion and guard sections envisioned for the near future, and plans to debut as a mini-corps in Spring 2007.

The group will be managed and produced by the Brass-O-Mania! production team, and will be a valuable addition to the B-O-M group of performance ensembles; modeled after the very popular Brass-O-Mania! acoustic jazz band.

Although much organizational work and many decisions remain, plans call for a fun, contemporary and audience-accessible music book; high performance standards; local gigs; and a reasonable rehearsal schedule that will fit in with the busy lives of active players.

Experienced performers and support personnel are sought to be a part of what will be a fun, exciting and unique program.

Inquiries to – Tom MacDonald: tommacd [at] nycap [dot] rr [dot] com

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