An American In Showband USA!!!

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Translated via AltaVista’s Babel Fish:

Showband USA of Hellemmes-Lille, France, is pleased to welcome Don Peterson, the director of the Brigham Young University Marching Band of Utah.

Don Peterson will be travelling in Europe for several weeks and will arrive in France on June 13, 2006. He will remain there with his wife until June 17, 2006. During the four days with the program, Don will cover instruction methods, consulting and group management as well as a visit to northern France and Belgium. Remember that Showband USA has been in partnership with the marching band of BYU for almost 2 years. This partnership made it possible for Showband USA to acquire many DVD and video cassettes as well as counseling on the design of a musical topic.

Read the rest of the article (in French) here.

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