Blue Knights May Corps Report

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Members of the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps have all moved into Denver and are now busily working on getting their show put together before leaving on their coast-to-coast summer tour. The Knightly News Brief contacted Lead Brass Instructor Joni Viertel and asked her to let us know what she thinks about how the corps is doing.

"The members of the corps have been running at full speed since their early Move-In on May 23rd. The corps is completing drill for their fourth production of the show, and will soon have everything on the field. It’s been an incredible experience for the staff; watching the corps improve rapidly and seeing the entire show come to life as it gets presented on the field. The members are learning at a fast pace and maintaining information extremely well."

"Everyone involved with the corps this season has noticed the overall atmosphere around the 2006 Blue Knights is one that hasn’t been seen or felt in quite some time. At the rate the corps is moving and learning, this year’s show is sure to be one of the strongest productions and performances the Blue Knights have been a part of in many years. We are all looking forward to getting on tour and bringing our show home to Drums Along the Rockies on July 15!"

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