Kingston Grenadiers Withdraw From 2006 DCA Competition

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Despite a very aggressive recruitment and marketing effort over the past months, the Grenadiers unfortunately will be withdrawing from the Summer DCA tour schedule due to the lack of membership in our brass section. It comes as a huge disappointment, especially since we were experiencing our most successful drumline and guard programs to date.

It is important to note that although the Grenadiers will be competitively inactive, we will maintain a summer schedule of parades and festival appearances that were already existing in our summer schedule. It is the full intention of the Board of Directors, the program staff and a large majority of existing membership to resume a full camp schedule again in October to bring the corps back to the field for 2007. The Grenadiers are the longest finalist-finishing Canadian drum corps in DCA history, and I feel confident that after a much needed break, the organization shows good signs of re-organizing and preparing for a successful return to the competitive arena next summer.

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