Minnesota Brass, Inc., Opening Weekend Report

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The 2006 Minnesota Brass is becoming one of the most enjoyed corps’ of the summer. Feedback from members, fans and the judging community have been positive to our new FANTASY production. MBI continues to build all three sections into a balanced and powerful entertainment package. This year we will be fielding 50 Brass, 31 Percussion, a very large guard at 27 members and 3 drum majors (111 marching members). Joel Matuzak and the design team have really created a performance vehicle that is fun for all involved.

Our first weekend was awesome! With shows in Coon Rapids, MN and Menomonie, WI the corps started the season with 2 standing ovations. Many parts of the show are entertaining, but MBI has pulled out an ending that, “goes to 11!” From the time our stages turn around, until the end of the show, the crowd claps and gets closer to the edge of their seat, until they HAVE to stand up with 10 seconds left!

MBI has locked in our DCAC homeshow at South St. Paul High School at Ettinger Field.

Sounds of Minnesota
Time: 4:30pm Central
Date: August 20th, 2006
Location: South St. Paul High School Ettinger Field


Music City Legend
Chops, Inc.
Minnesota Brass Inc.

South St. Paul High School Ettinger Field
700 N. 2nd St
South St. Paul, MN 55075

The rookie class for 2006 is very talented and dedicated. Many of our rookies are coming from very talented local bands like Coon Rapids, Irondale, Champlin Park, Sauk Rapids and Hastings. The U of M Marching Band continues to be a great source for talented members. Other rookies have drum corps experience from South Wind, Brigadiers, Westshoremen, and Colts. We are lucky to have such great band programs from which to draw such talented and passionate performers!

Here are a few quotes from rookie members, which I would like to leave with you:

“I just want to say that I have never felt as motivated and inspired to do my best for an ensemble as I am with Minnesota Brass. The leadership is great …….and very motivating. When I get home from Brass I’m tired but I’m excited and happy. I feel like I can talk to my wife about it all night …”

Pat Ahern
MBI Trumpet

“I always thought Marching Band was a rush when your marching off the field and everyone is cheering for you and clapping and screaming but Drum corps is so much more.. suddenly all the hard work, all the hurt, all the soreness, all the pain and time is worth it in just a short 15 minute period when you put your show on in front of a couple hundred people. It’s funny how hours and hours of rehersal are all off-set by those short 15 minutes.”

Jon Benesh
MBI Tuba

“it really changed the way I look at rehaersals and performances with MBI. I also felt the energy of those around me, which was new; in high school not everyone does it because they love to. I now know exactly what I’m slaving for, and it’s better than marching band, more exciting than an orchestral performance and less stressful than a concerto….”

Brooke Nelson
MBI Baritone

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