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First a bit of history- For quite some time, CorpsVets, was an “over 18 club”. It was, for a longer time, filled exclusively with folks 21 and older. We’d made exceptions over the years but they were few and far between. The 2001 Member shirt proudly displayed, “Not your children’s drum and bugle corps!” emblazoned across the front. How times have changed; are changing still.

Beginning with the 2005 season the corps began welcoming talented young adults under the age of 18. I don’t recall how many we had but they turned out to be a talented lot. They fit in, worked hard, and helped to improve the overall level of performance of our corps. Several of these fine folks have since gone on to march in top 12 DCI corps and we wish them Godspeed. Some have returned for another year of the great All-Age drum corps experience.

The 2006 season has brought with it a large influx fine young adults. They are smart and talented, and somehow, old and young, seem to get along just fine together. Both learning valuable lessons from each other. The value of youth is not lost on this organization.

This “Big Patch” (read charter member) asked a few of this year’s young rookies for a chance to view the drum corps experience through their eyes for just a moment. Recalling their first ever CorpsVets dress rehearsal, they had this to say:

This rehearsal was definitely a turning point in this years CV season. Saturday we worked hard all day and got what we needed done. Sunday though was a huge bonding experience. It made us all realize that over the past few months we had come together as a family. When we all put on our uniforms Sunday we realized that we were going to have a great season together.
– Dannah, age 17, CV Second Soprano

This past weekend is the best weekend I’ve had at CorpsVets yet. I haven’t been in a marching band type organization in over 2 years and it was amazing to be back on a football field playing the tenors. All of the staff is amazing and very set on what needs to be done to make us the best that we can be. Putting on the CorpsVets uniform made me realize that I am a part of this group and that I’ve made plenty of new friends. I look forward to the rest of the season and can’t wait to have even more fun and receive even more experience.
-Cory, age 20 CV Tenor

Sunday was the day for me. When we got in the horn arc and Mr. Henry [David Henry, Brass arranger and caption head] asked "Are ya’ll ready to play loud?" I knew then that I’m actually in this great corps, and playing beside one of my favorite soloists ever, Hunter, made my day even better. But when I put on that green and red jacket I felt like I was the man. I remember thinking to myself I will do anything to represent this corps to its best. I will have to say that day was one of my best days ever, even if I don’t really remember marching the show, just being able to say I’m part of the CorpsVets made it a great day.
– Reggie age 15, CV Lower Lead Soprano

My experience at rehearsal camp on the 17th and 18th was amazing. Saturday had great progress in reviewing/cleaning all of the drill, and all the time there was an air of anxiety for the upcoming performance. Sunday was even more exciting. It felt great to finally put on the CorpsVets uniform and display it proudly to the audience. Even though the stands were nowhere near being full, and the performance wasn’t all it could have been, I still felt a profound sense of accomplishment afterwards. The thing that excites me the most is the fact that it can only get better from here.
– Eric, age 16, CV Lower Lead Soprano

Vegas here we come!

CV still has 1 Soprano and 1 Contrabass spot open. Please contact the corps immediately if you are still looking for a summer drum corps home! CLICK HERE!

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