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FPAA, the umbrella organization for Frontier Drum & Bugle Corps and Open Range Brass Ensemble (along with other performing ensembles), is featured on a CD released in June of 2006.

Frontier and Open Range joined the World-Famous Turtle Creek Chorale on stage at the Meyerson Symphony Center for the concert series ‘Songs of Our Nation’ featuring a historical portrait of America through its music and composers. The concert series was the 2nd time that Frontier and Turtle Creek Chorale have shared the stage (and Frontier will be featured guests on a 5 night run this Christmas season with the Turtle Creek Chorale in a Blast! and Stomp oriented production entitled Pipes and Drums ) The concert was such a huge success, donors started pouring in to turn this concert into a CD!

Members from Frontier Drum & Bugle Corps and Open Range Brass Ensemble performed on several songs in the production. Since the concert was more than 2 hours in length, only selections from the concert were recording for the release. Several selections featuring FPAA ensembles were recorded. Frontier and Open Range members recorded in Crystal Sound Recording Studios in Dallas in May, and the CD was released by Turtle Creek Chorale in early June to high praise.

Dr. Tim Seelig, Artistic Director for the Turtle Creek Chorale the past 19 seasons said: “It has been a great experience working with the Frontier organization both on our live concerts and recording project for “Songs of Our Nation.” These are fantastic and talented people. In addition, they are extraordinarily flexible. They gave every single performance and recording their all. We are thrilled to have worked with them and looking forward to another opportunity for 5 concerts this next holiday season.”

Chris Green, Executive Director for FPAA (Frontier Performing Arts Association) said: ‘Bringing drum corps to audiences that may or may not have been exposed to the activity is always exciting. The Turtle Creek Chorale has been a huge support to Frontier Drum & Bugle Corps and FPAA itself. I am looking forward to sharing the stage again with this world-famous ensemble this Christmas, as well as other projects planned for our future. To be affiliated with one of the most recognizable names in the arts in Dallas is phenomenal, and to be able to share our music with an international audience truly surpasses all expectations’

Jayson Payne, Communications Director of FPAA and Trombonist on the recording with Open Range stated: ‘I am always blown away by the response Frontier gets in the Meyerson Symphony Center and with the Turtle Creek Chorale. To have those memories captured on a CD of this quality is one of the highlights of my musical career’

Frontier is the first drum & bugle corps (to our knowledge) to be featured on an internationally released recording that is not a drum corps recording. Frontier and Open Range can be heard on several tracks from the CD including: Mockingbird Sings, Sacramento Sis Joe, Goin’ Up to Glory, Strike Up the Band, and American Anthem.

Frontier will be selling copies of this CD ($12 each) at their souvenir booth this summer at Brass on the Bayou in Houston, TX on July 29th; Drum Corps Expo in St Peter, MN on Aug 19; Sounds of Minnesota in St Paul, MN on Aug 20; Brass Hysteria in Bedford, TX on Aug 27th; and at the DCA World Championships in Rochester, NY over Labor Day Weekend. Online orders for the CD can be requested through Mark Crouse, Merchandise Coordinator for FPAA at merchandise [at] frontiercorps [dot] org . The CD is also available through the Turtle Creek Chorale at (make sure to tell them you heard about them through Frontier), and in stores nationwide and internationally later this year.

More information:

Frontier Performing Arts Association
3630 Harry Hines Blvd
Box 18
Dallas, TX 75219
info [at] frontierperformingarts [dot] org "> info [at] frontierperformingarts [dot] org
Chris Green, Executive Director

Frontier Drum & Bugle Corps
info [at] frontiercorps [dot] org info [at] frontiercorps [dot] org
Chris Green, Corps Director
Jeff Nelson, Assistant Corps Director

Open Range Brass Ensemble
info [at] openrangebrass [dot] org "> info [at] openrangebrass [dot] org
Dave Seip, Ensemble Director

Turtle Creek Chorale
info [at] turtlecreek [dot] org info [at] turtlecreek [dot] org
Dr. Tim Seelig, Artistic Director
Eve Campbell, Executive Director

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