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The red shirts invaded Ohio Tuesday as the GLASSMEN put on three different clinics for area sponsors and organizations. The setting was beautiful Ohio Wesleyan University, nestled in the center of Delaware. Ohio – just north of Columbus. The corps was spread all over the campus, and while they dodged a few rainclouds, they managed to put on a great show for a great group of students and adults.

Brass member Nikki Flores dons her "red shirt" for the GLASSMEN ENTERTRAINMENT Clinic.

After a brief drill rehearsal in the morning, the corps suited up in their red "ENTERTRAINMENT" Clinic t-shirts and headed over to a local middle school where they presented a very unique style of clinic. The audience was made up of about 50 band directors and judges from around the state of Ohio, as they were attending the Ohio Music Educators Association annual judging meeting. The GLASSMEN were on hand to help OMEA teach the judges and directors about technique and design – what goes into making a show happen from the page to the field – and how the GLASSMEN work to make what they do even better.

Once the OMEA clinic was finished, the color guard snuck away to participate in a special section of the Fred J. Miller Clinic, where they were able to work directly with the color guard students in attendance. This particular clinic gave the students the opportunity to learn what color guard is like in drum corps – some of the similarities and some of the differences to what they may be experiencing back in their groups at home. GLASSMEN caption head Tim Newburn declared the session "a success! We were able to do lots of movement work – it was a really fabulous clinic!"

Brass staff member John Davis and caption head Frank Williams work with musicians at the clinic.

After dinner, the corps prepared for the final clinic of the day – a full-blown ENTERTRAINMENT clinic with all of the FJM Clinic attendees – and a few fans mixed in, too! Members switched from red shirts into full uniform, but as the clouds appeared more and more ominous, they opted to move the clinic indoors. It couldn’t have been a neater setting for a clinic! When the GLASSMEN broke into sections for the technique part of the clinic, it was like a three-ring circus, where you could run around and catch whatever group caught your fancy! The echoes in the fieldhouse were definitely overpowered by the brilliant brass and percussion features – with flying colors from the guard to boot.

Drum major attendees try to keep up with GLASSMEN conductor Bo Sodders.

When the corps came together to present the ensemble portion, percussion caption head Chris Hestin invited the drum majors in attendance to come to the front and conduct with GLASSMEN drum major Bo Sodders. Over two dozen students attempted to conduct the drum feature – and did a truly admirable job! Lots of smiling faces abounded as the attendees were able to participate in marching blocks and other section areas, until finally all were geared up to hear the GLASSMEN in a final performance. The standstill was breathtaking – with blaring brass and beating drums, surrounded by flying flags – it’s a night the clinic campers won’t soon forget!

After educating and entertaining students from France to England to Ohio, the GLASSMEN have wrapped up their ENTERTRAINMENT clinic series for the season – but hopefully you can catch them somewhere near you next summer. You won’t want to miss this education experience of a lifetime! In the meantime – you can get your own souvenir red ENTERTRAINMENT t-shirt right in the GLASSMEN corpstore! Check it out!

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