Jubal In Need Of Housing In VA, OH

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Per a phone call with Hans Kloppert, Jubal needs housing near Richmond or anywhere north near I-95, on their way to the Salem, VA, (Roanoke area) show. They’ll be driving from Atlanta. They arrive early A.M., July 31, and leave A.M., 8/1.

Jubal also travels from the Aug. 4 Allentown to the Aug. 6 Michigan City, IN. Jubal needs housing 8/5, preferably around Cleveland or Toledo, but anywhere nearby along the route would work, including near Michigan City, IN.

Let’s show our international friends how we can step forward!!!
Call Hans at 414-581-2104 ASAP!

Also posted on DCI Forum. Jubal is an all-age corps competing under DCI International rules in Div. II/III.

Posted by on Monday, July 24th, 2006. Filed under Drum Corps Netherlands.