Academy Shines In Madison

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After six years if planning and only our third year of competition, The Academy finally was able to show their stuff on the hallowed grounds at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, WI.

However, before we get too far into self-congratulations, we need to salute the young men and women from every drum corps that made it to Madison. Just by their presence, they showed they are all champions.

Congratulations to the Spartans, East Coast Jazz, Oregon Crusaders and all the Division II corps that were worthy competitors. Let’s face it, this was NO cake walk. What an honor it is to be a part of this great activity in the heart of drum corps land.

Yes, The Academy placed first in a field of great corps but they earned every accolade they were given. In addition to their first place trophy, they also were honored with the Spirit of Disney Award that goes to the most entertaining corps in the opinion of the folks at Walt Disney.

In addition, Mark Richardson was also honored with the Corps Director of the Year Award. What a suiting acknowledgement for such a great leader.

Yes, this is really happening to all of us. And it hasn’t quite hit us yet. We’ve seen Mark and the kids pinching themselves trying to wake up from this wonderful dream. It still feels like a dream.

This not a dream… It the evolution of a vision that Mark Richardson has had for many years and we are all just along for the ride.

Congratulations to Mark and his staff for bringing this historic accomplishment back to Arizona. Congratulations to the members of The Academy for all their hard work and sharing with us the experience of a life time.

Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors and donors for your support. Had you all not stepped forward to help, these kids and The Academy would not be here in Madison to represent Arizona and demonstrate what a classy organization we continue to hold sacred.

Special thanks to all the parents for not letting the apples fall too far from the tree.

Thank you all sincerely…

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