BYBA Southern Showdown Update

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From January, 2006, plans were being made to move the Southern Contest from Tadley to Aldershot. That offer was recently withdrawn, and during the past 3 weeks, BYBA has been working with Robin Carmichael, Downsmen Joint Corps Director, to source a venue, as close to Aldershot as possible. This has not been easy at such notice, but BYBA was committed to honour the promise of a stadium venue to replace Tadley. The details of this event were reported to Council (30.07.06), and approved for release to the membership. We are now in a position to deliver upon this, and BYBA must thank Robin for his hard work on this matter.

For 2006, this event will now take place at Wimbledon Park Athletics Stadium – the first time in a number of years, that BYBA has been able to host an event inside the M25 area!

Paul Cartwright, Chair of Contesting

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