Cadets Seek Housing Between Chicago And Madison

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Following the last show of the year in Napierville, Illinois on Sunday, August 6th, the Cadets need housing and rehearsal facilities somewhere between Chicago and Madison.

We have been searching for some time now but at this juncture, panic is setting in. We do not want to go to the Reedsburg school in Wisconsin too early as there is a chance we would do damage to the fields over 5 days of rehearsal. Indeed, these two days with rehearsals from 9 am to 9 pm – are critical and almost traditional as the corps makes its way to Championships.

The times and dates …
Monday, August 6th — 2 am arrival
Monday, August 6th — rehearsal 9 am 9 pm
Monday, August 6th — sleep over
Tuesday, August 7th — rehearsal 9 am 9 pm
Tuesday, August 7th — Departure to Madison -11:00 pm

In the ideal world we would need:

For rehearsal:
A stadium
Two other fields for practice

And to sleep:
Gym or comparable area
Classrooms for staff
Classrooms for volunteers
Classrooms for drivers


We do need access to electricity and water for the food truck.

We will pay costs as required the issues, now is just finding the location willing to act as our host.

College or High school … at this juncture we are just searching.

I do not need suggestions now as much as I need insider assistance.

Do you live in the area? Can you pull some strings?

Of so, please get me Megh Healy at megh [at] yea [dot] org">megh [at] yea [dot] org or 610-821-0345 x24.

THANKS — any and all assistance would be helpful.

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