East Coast Jazz Summer Fund Drive

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The exciting second place finish in Madison was truly an event to live through. If you weren’t able to be there or you’re not inclined to go to the shows but just like to support what these kids do, you can’t truly experience how excited the memders of East Coast Jazz were to finish among the top two finalists at the world championship for the third year in a row.

Now we need to move ahead. There’s that long trip to California in 2007 to think about. We are busy working out fundraising plans for next year. Projects that will ensure we are in good financial shape to meet our needs. These projects will take some time to complete.

In the meantime, we have some bills from the tour that need to be paid right away. Can we count on you to help us out one more time? If you haven’t made a tax-deductible donation yet, how about making one now? Just click on the button below and indicate the number of $25.00 increments you can donate. You will receive a receipt by email.

Suggested Donation Amount: $25.00 USD

tomchopelas [at] eastcoastjazz [dot] org&image_url=&return=http://www.eastcoastjazz.org&cancel_return=&item_name=2006+SUMMER+FUND+DRIVE&amount=$25.00&shipping=&currency_code=USD&item_number=&cmd=_xclick" target="_blank">Click here to donate.

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