Revolution Welcomes New Partner

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Revolution Drum & Bugle Corps is proud to announce a partnership with Super C Music Products, a company that specializes in scented valve oil for brass instruments, for the 2006 season.

Super C Music Products realizes how hard the Drum Corps all across the USA work, and how expensive it is for the members to even participate.

"At Revolution, the partnership with Super C Music Products is a win-win for both of us," said GM Kuzma, Corps Director. "This is one of the keys that would ensure a high level of success for our horn line."

The following has been taken from the website:

"Super C valve oil was invented by professional brasswind repair technicians. The scented valve oil leaves no residue in instruments because there are no harmful additives."

"It is also a great cleaning aid for your horn. The oil will break up all of the dried saliva, lime deposits and other foreign particles in your horn."

To learn more about Super C Music Products, please visit their website:

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