Bushwackers Take Third At DCA Championships

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Bushwackers take third at DCA Rochester with the high brass and color guard trophies coming home to the rolling hills of Harrison, New Jersey!!


Capping off their 25th Anniversary season, The Bushwackers placed third at the DCA World Championships in Rochester New York this past Labor Day weekend. Bush captured the high brass and color guard awards in both Prelims and Finals.

2005 saw the corps paying respect to its past by playing a completely new show entitled "Stages of Bush", including "Fanfare for the New", "The Perfect Year", and "Rocky Point Holiday". It was quite evident from the November open house that the 2005 edition of "Bush" was going to be something special! The corps fielded its largest contingent in history and garnered first place finishes during the season in Dover NJ, Waterbury CT, and West Haven CT while on its way to the World Championship finals in Rochester NY.

Though the fall season is now upon us and the trailers are locked tight until November, it’s a sure bet that plans are under way for an even better Bushwackers in 2007. We encourage you to visit www.bushwackers.org for updates and membership info on the 2007 Bushwackers.

"Bushwackers: 6 time DCA World Champion…………And second to no one!"

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