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This scribe could crank out some scribblings about my wild time at the DCAssociates Championships in Rochester, NY, but fan$ and performers would rather see photos of themselves. Soooooo, here we go, a collection from the Cozy PhoneCam. In the next column, I’ll release an exclusive photo of a mass orgy in a closet at the Doubletree Hotel, involving the Atlanta CorpsVets and the Renegades.

Enjoy these smiling faces:

Tiffany Mackey and Joe Cabanban, both in Renegades guard. The partying went into the wee hours….

Mac McEntire, Renegades visual caption head, Jerry Stewart, Renegades center snare, Geoff Jones, DCP staff

Tony Diez, Corpsvets snare, Eric Bordeaux, Renegades sop, Chad Horton, CorpsVets tenor

Lee Rudnicki, Renegades program coordinator, and his mom

St Kevin’s Minicorps, Frank Ponzo on near end

"Kewel" Sam Signorelli, SoCal Dream sop soloist

Mary and Dan Wolford, SoCal Dream sop duet, and Cozy.
The Wolford’s performed a duet together 34 years ago in junior days.

Heatwave Minicorps overwhelmed like a hurricane

Sue Cosley, Minne Brass Minicorps bari.
Sue’s husband, Dan Cosley, is a former DCI contra champ and former Mirage Sr. brass cap head.
Dan is now seeking some high-fallutin’ degree at Cornell.

Francesca DeMello, DCWorld photographer and Renegades sop, with Cozy, clipboard toter

Star United Minicorps champs victory concert in front of an A. J. Wright sponsor banner.
Tiffany Carrico, Renegades sop and Indiana University M.A. in Music grad, joined in on the far left.
When titan champs like Erie Thunderbirds come in 6th, and the ’05 MBI champs come in 4th,
one knows the stakes have increased for Ghost Riders, Mass Brass et al.

David Martin, Hitmen director and soloist, hoisting the DCA World Champs medals for his brass ensemble champs.
Dynasty — These guys deserve endorsements!!!

Jimmy Russo, The Drum Major, relaxing in the Crown Plaza restaurant

Mac McEntire, Renegades viz guru, Tom Colgan, CorpsVets biz manager
and BJ Rambo, Renegades snare, former CorpsVets snare

At DCA Prelims, the wind was blowing so hard (It was raining buckets, too, if you didn’t know.),
that this kid’s poncho was inflated and flapping in the wind. Note the plush VIP suites, the open air ambiance…
Never fear, all will be completed for DCA ’07.

Big Lou, Bridgemen contra, also Heatwave Minicorps

Liz Duguay, Bridgemen guard, Hurcs guard, and two adoring fan$, the guy in the background and the photog

Rob Haley, Bridgemen, and Charlie Groh, the energetic Impulsive Californian

Frank Ponzo and Steve Raclonski, Caballeros Alumni soprano soloists

Sara Julian, bari, who performed with Sky Alumni and Renegades on the same day.

Frank "The Beard," Lozar, 2005 World Drum Corps Hall of Fame inductee, 2nd from left,
and his Minnesota Brass pals

Music City Legend: Tony Anderson, Jim Reed, Vinnie Ciesielski and Myke May.
Vinnie Ciesielski, MCL brass caption head and soloist, "slapped" me with the classic white glove duel challenge,
"Cozy, next year we’ll have 50 horns, and we’re gunning for the CorpsVets!"

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