Crossmen Alumni Corps September Update

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The Crossmen Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps is currently recruiting for all areas of the corps, including brass, percussion, color guard, as well as instructional, administrative & support staff. The corps now has a solid Board of Directors established, but is still looking to add a couple more dedicated people to serve on the Board. The Corps is open to all alumni of the Crossmen, as well as non-alumni, 16 yrs of age and older who are interested in becoming part of the Crossmen heritage & family.

The Corps recently secured an official rehearsal facility at the Valley Forge Military Academy & College in Wayne, PA. The Academy offers excellent facilities for both indoor & outdoor use, and the Board is very excited about the future at such a beautiful facility. The Academy also holds a special place in Crossmen history, as it was a former rehearsal facility for the Crossmen Junior Corps during the winters of 1979 & 1980. A special thank you goes out to Mr Nigel Jackson, the Principal Director of Music at Valley Forge Military Academy & College for making this opportunity available to us.

It is the vision & dream of the Board to create an Alumni Corps that will offer alumni, as well as others who are interested in continuing the legacy of Crossmen, an opportunity for performance, comradery and social interaction. The Corps will also act as an extension of the Crossmen Alumni Association to help preserve & strengthen the heritage of the corps, as well as educate the general public on the history of the Crossmen. In addition, the Alumni Corps will endeavor to be a strong source of financial support to the Junior Corps, by raising money for them through various fundraising and performance venues. It is also our hope that the Alumni Corps will shine as a light of inspiration to the kids who are currently marching in the Junior Corps, to let them know that after they “age-out”, their journey as a Crossmen doesn’t have to end, as they can then “age-in” to the Alumni Corps…and once again know the “unity” that forever binds the Crossmen family.

In addition to all this, another goal is to bring back the “old school” of Bones. To help establish this, the Corps plans to use bugles in the “key of G”, as well as create a uniform that incorporates elements from some of the Crossmen’s history. And, for all those who were big fans of the famous “capes”, the Board would like to let everyone know that the capes will definitely be part of the new Alumni Corps uniforms. A return to the Crossmen roots will also promise a nostalgic rendition of “Russian Christmas Music”, as well as other old favorites.

The Corps is currently working on securing a full line of G-bugles that should be in place by the end of the year. Some percussion and guard equipment will also be provided by the Valley Forge Military Academy & College, but those who own or have access to their own equipment will also be encouraged, in the beginning, to utilize it at rehearsals. With all this being said, tentative plans are now underway to hold an official open house/first rehearsal this fall, or during the early winter of 2007. Alumni Corps rehearsals will be held once a month, on either a Sat or Sunday, then may increase to twice a month, depending on the interest & availability of the members.

In keeping with the vision to bring back the “old school”, another goal is to pioneer the revival of indoor performances, or known by many old school people as “winter drum corps”. Since we realize that we will need to get our feet wet, especially in the beginning, we feel that making our presence known through various types of indoor performances will be an excellent way to let the world know that we’re here, and hopefully encourage more to join the corps. It is also our hope that more Alumni Corps will jump on the corps wagon and decide that they would like to help us re-create a “winter drum corps” circuit that many can enjoy for years to come. Of course, in addition to indoor performances during the winter months, the Alumni Corps would like to make it’s first major appearance, with a full field show at DCI East in 2007. With this in mind, the plan is to put out a full field show that is very much in line with traditional Alumni Corps shows; i.e. nothing too demanding drill wise, but very entertaining and enjoyable for both the audience and performers alike.

It won’t be long until a new journey for the Crossmen heritage begins, and we would like to let everyone know that it is never too late to once again “live the dream” of being a Crossmen, or becoming one for the very first time! Since you never “age-out” of the Alumni Corps, all that have the desire can be a part of this new journey….and if you have been away from a horn, drum or flag/rifle, this is the perfect way to get yourself back in shape for many rewarding years as a member of the Crossmen Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps. Or, for those who would also like to participate in other DCA & DCI Corps, the Alumni Corps is a great way to give you the experience you need.

We hope you will all choose to join the unity of Bones…and embark on a new chapter in the Crossmen Heritage that will bring happiness to all for many years to come!

Brenda E Kurtz
President, Crossmen Alumni D & B Corps

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