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DCA started its Championship weekend in Rochester, NY on Friday night with the Individual and Ensemble and Minicorps competition. Spread across 5 great venues at the Clarion Hotel and Riverside Convention Center in downtown Rochester – the competition featured some 200 registered performances that kept the crowds cheering. The Minicorps competition, which closed the evening’s events drew over 2,500 people to the Riverside Convention Center’s Empire Hall.

The offical results from DCA are posted below.

Official 2006 DCA Individual and Ensemble / Minicorps Scores

Category/Name Corps Affiliation Score
Soprano/Tenor/Trumpet Individuals
Frank Dorritie St. Catherine’s Queensmen 93
John Urspruch Skyliners Alumni 87
Jon Gifford Carolina Gold 85
Brian Moriarty Kilties 81
Richard Pomerleau Shenandoah Sound 78
Christopher Fountain Sunrisers 77
Jim Snyder Govenaires 75
Dan Hines Skyliners 71
Midrange Individuals
James Orser Empire Statesmen 96
Chad Gulick Frontier 94
Dennis Tischhauser Minnesota Brass 93
Albert Brown CorpsVets 92
Miranda Jackson Minnesota Brass 90
Rick Simard Jr. Mass Brass 89
Robert Bohanek Chops, Inc. 86
Tom Ackman Shenandoah Sound 80
Dan Fitzpatrick (French Horn – 2 valve) Buccaneer Alumni 79
Kate Bolcar Sunrisers 78
Anthony Convertito Hurricanes 76
Dan Fitzpatrick (French Horn – 1 valve) Yankee Rebels Alunmi 75
Chris Nalls Renegades Did Not Perform
Baritone/Euphonium Individuals
Pat Buzzard Lakeshoremen 95
Dennis Tischhauser Minnesota Brass 93
Sarah Houle Govenaires 90
Jonathan Thomas CorpsVets 89
Jim Reilly Bridgemen Alumni 86
Theresa Lacroix Crusaders 70
Christopher Fountain Sunrisers 66
James Shatto Kilties 56
Mike Ward Frontier Did Not Perform
Jerome Kimbrough Bushwackers Did Not Perform
Contra/Tuba Individuals
Dennis Tischhauser Minnesota Brass 94
Ken Serfass Bridgemen Alumni 91
Jim Wise Empire Statesmen 91
David Seip Frontier 88
David Correia Matadors & Generations 83
Sean Pease Crusaders 79
Brass Duets
Angie Brauwarth and Aaron Hartwell Govenaires 97
Dennis Tischhauser and Cynthia Hoines Minnesota Brass 95
Shawn Carpenter and Genevieve Danis Brigadiers 86
Rick Simard and Steve Bradley Mass Brass 80
Brass Ensembles
The Hit Men Brigs, Cru, Phoenix, Empire and St. Joe’s Alm 94
Prime Time Brass Brigs, Crusaders, et al 92
The Three Tenors + 1 St. Catherine’s Queensmen, Appleknockers, Pacers 86
Music City Legend Mellophone Ensemble Music City Legend 82
Bananas Minnesota Brass, Inc. 80
The Force Gulf Coast Sound 79
Bridgemen Alumni Brass Ensemble Bridgemen Alumni 78
Top Chops Chops, Inc. 77
Large Mouth Brass Lakeshoremen 75
CV Contras CorpsVets 71
Mike Palmquist and friends Caballeros Alumni and Gulf Coast Sound 70
SoCal Dream Brass Ensemble SoCalDream Did Not Perform
Multi-Tom/Tenor Individuals
James Christian Bayou City Blues, Gulf Coast Sound 97
Jody White CorpsVets 92
Pat Blakely Brigadiers 90
Ian Conyers Empire Statesmen 82
Christopher Battles White Sabers 80
Cory Green CorpsVets 78
Cliff Chandler CorpsVets 75
Alan Lozano CorpsVets 74
Chad Horton CorpsVets 68
Chris "Pepe" Correia Renegades Did Not Perform
Thom Shearer Renegades Did Not Perform
Nick Adcock Grenadiers Did Not Perform
Cymbal Individuals
Sowle, Robert Frontier 80
Barbara Flowers Yankee Rebels Alumni Did Not Perform
Bass Drum Individuals
Donald Mason CT Patriots 94
Ben Pisani Bridgemen Alumni Did Not Perform
Snare Individuals
Scott McCoy Music City Legend 96
Jack Murray Skyliners Alumni 95
Cullen J. Triner Camp Chase 93
Wayne Oien Lakeshoremen 88
Vic Kulinski Bridgemen Alumni 87
Orion Wilkerson Empire Statesmen and Crusaders 85
Joe L Fontana Skyliners Alumni 84
Chris Perna Brigadiers 83
Javier Morales Skyliners Alumni 82
Phil Parent Brigadiers 79
Jody Thigpen Spirit of 1960 77
Alex Place Sunrisers 70
Brendan Mason CT Patriots 67
Rick Beckham Bayou City Blues 66
Pierre Ogea Lakeshoremen 63
Andrew Dressler Sunrisers 62
John Flowers Yankee Rebels Alumni 60
Albert Bachmann Skyliners Alumni 59
Kelley Marie Houpt Renegades 58
Lee Rudnicki Renegades 57
Jonathan Naylor CorpsVets 54
Michael Alexander CorpsVets 53
Jack Gardner Caballeros Alumni 52
James Andrews Carolina Gold 51
John Mayer Govenaires 50
Doug Morrow Crusader Alumni 48
Scott Smith Shenandoah Sound Did Not Perform
Drum Set Individuals
Ben Schwartz Sunrisers 93
Randy Bradley Carolina Gold 85
Jim Grillo Empire Statesmen 83
Tympani Individuals
John Greenwald CorpsVets 86
DePriest, David Music City Legend 82
Keyboard Individuals
Christopher Tomaloff Kilties 93
Valerie Vassar Empire Statesmen 92
Irene Fiesinger Crusaders 91
Heather Hubbell Empire Statesmen 90
John M. Greenwald CorpsVets 89
Nicole Siniscarco Albion Grenadiers/NYPD 87
Bob Blomberg Bridgemen Alumni 83
Erin McLaughlin Hurricanes 82
Greg Sgammato Carolina Gold 75
Jack McGuinness Skyliner Alumni 73
Sara Buechman Govenaires 70
James Dawson CorpsVets Did Not Perform
Whitney King CorpsVets Did Not Perform
Ryan Rader Govenaires Did Not Perform
Keyboard Ensembles
CorpsVets Keyboard Ensemble #2 (Marwede, Lorzano and Ozley) CorpsVets 91
Sunrisers Keyboard Ensemble Sunrisers 82
Renegades Keyboard Ensemble Renegades 81
CorpsVets Keyboard Ensemble #1 (Greenwald, Hood and TBD) CorpsVets 80
Govenaires Keyboard Ensemble Govenaires 78
Percussion Duets
Erik Lutters and Josh Rosato Empire Statesment 99
Joe Fontana and Jack Murray Skyliners Alumni 97
Rick Christo and Josh Palermo Empire Statesment Did Not Perform
Bass Drum Ensembles
Minnesota Brass, Inc. Bass Ensemble Minnesota Brass, Inc. 95
CorpsVets Basses Southern Hoe Down CorpsVets 90
Carolina Gold Bass Drum Ensemble Carolina Gold 85
Percussion Ensembles
CADRE Ambassadors, Cru, Commanders, Cabs Alumni, Grenadiers 96
CT Patriots Drum Ensemble (Don Mason) CT Patriots 95
LOAF (Renegades) Renegades 91
NYPD Albion Grenadiers 83
Chop Stix Chops, Inc. 79
Sabre Individuals
Nick Boucounis Brigadiers 95
Darnell Deans Skyliners 91
Alton Major Renegades 90
Rifle Individuals
Aaron Palmer Skyliners 97
Nick Boucounis Brigadiers 96
Karen Sawaya Lakeshoremen 92
Amber Roeker Govenaires 90
Bob Hagelberger Mighty St. Joe’s 84
Gary Richardson Mighty St. Joe’s Did Not Perform
Flag Individuals
Nicole West Alliance 98
Nick Boucounis Brigadiers 97
Kathleen Goldman Hurricanes 96
Alton Major Renegades 94
Karissa Clayberg Brigadiers 93
Geoffrey Sperling Kilties 92
Stu Benedict Chops, Inc. 91
Jennifer Whitworth Govenaires 89
Jermaine Malone Heat Wave 87
Jason Bourg CorpsVets 86
Daniel Bostic Skyliners 84
Erin Serfass Bridgemen Alumni 82
Stacie Manchac Gulf Coast Sound 81
Marilyn Mu Fujimoto SoCal Dream 79
Michelle Lennon Alliance Did Not Perform
Visual Combined Individuals
Jamie Goldman Hurricanes 98
Jerome Owens Alliance 95
Brian Wright Hurricanes 93
Amy Wright Renegades 91
Josh Hobart Crusaders 89
Mace Individuals
Nick Adcock Grenadiers 99
Carl (CJ) Julian Renegades 97
Guard Duets
Stephanie Lubrano and Darren Delaney Sunrisers 96
Aaron Palmer & Daniel Bostic Skyliners 93
Luzmaire Genera and DJ Deans Skyliners 92
Nicole West and Jerome Owens Alliance 90
David Lockie and Mac Gunter ROTC Toronto 88
Will White and Tad Brannen CorpsVets Did Not Perform
Zakia Ruffin and Bo Jones Carolina Gold Did Not Perform
Guard Ensembles
SoCal Dream Guard Ensemble SoCal Dream 94
ReneGuard Ensemble Renegades 93
Govenaires Guard Ensemble Govenaires 85
CorpsVets Chorus CorpsVets 84
Govenaires Chorus Govenaires 76
Gulf Coast Sound Chorus Gulf Coast Sound 70
Mini Corps
Star United Star United Alumni 94.50
Renegades Renegades 94.25
Mass Brass Mass Brass 93.50
Minne Brass Minnesota Brass 93.00
Ghost Riders St. Joe’s, Kingsmen, White Sabres, Empire Statesmen 89.25
Erie Thunderbirds Erie Thunderbirds 77.75
SoCal Dream SoCal Dream 74.25
Heat Wave Heat Wave 72.25
Govies Govenaires 66.75
St. Kevin’s St. Kevin’s 66.50
Shenandoah Sound Shenandoah Sound 56.25

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