Frontier Announces 2007 Program

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In 2007, Frontier is turning back the clock, almost 40 years. The year…1968. America was in a turbulent time. The Vietnam War caused violent opinions on both sides of the battle, and a multitude of emotion. Civil Rights battles reached new heights, and we lost one of it’s strongest and most vocal proponents… Martin Luther King, Jr. We also lost Robert Kennedy, and took one step closer to landing on the moon. Steppenwolf was rocking with Born to be Wild, and The Graduate was playing in the cinemas. The end of a decade was approaching, the tide was turning, America was changing, and music can tell it’s story. Drawing from the Broadway musical Hair, a piece written about the situation in Prague in 1968, the theme from a hit movie, a song by a legendary band (Blood Sweat and Tears) and performed by a legendary performer (our recent loss of Maynard Ferguson), and an anthem that has lived well beyond its initial popularity… 1968 isn’t a story, but merely a picture of life in the year 1968

Selections and Inspirations from:
Age of Aquarius from Hair
Music for Prague: 1968
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Spinning Wheel
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Born to Be Wild

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