Kilties Announce 2007 Membership Rally

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The Kilties would like to officially announce the date of Sunday, November 12, 2006 as their Membership Rally/Open House "kick off" event towards the 2007 season!

The event will be held at Gilmore Middle School in Racine, Wisconsin from Noon to 4PM.

Formal introduction of the 2007 production will be unveiled on this date, along with introductions of The Kilties 2007 creative and instruction staff.

The Kilties annual "in house" video presentation about the organization and the 2006 season, and looking forward to the 2007 will be officially shown for the first time at this annual event.

There will be caption meetings and section performance time with the staff. An outlining of the goals for the 2007 season will revealed; and a nice meal/social time to interact with new members, staff, returning vets, and alumni is scheduled to close this annual event.

The Kilties are a select weekend only "all age" co-ed organization that emits great passion for their heritage, tradition, and excellence along with "fan friendly" productions.

The Kilties pride themselves in being "member friendly" and INclusive, not EXclusive.

The Kiltie membership ("Kiltie Family") take with great seriousness the attitude of accepting total personal responsibily for excellence.

Positions in all sections of the corps are not only determined upon levels of experience or talent, but moreso on dedication and simple hard work.

For further details about visiting during the Membership Rally/Open House, membership or to apply for membership and receive a free DVD and informational material under no obligation, visit

More detailed information on the exact fall/winter/spring rehearsal dates (already scheduled) and will be forthcoming.

Traditionally camps are one weekend (Saturday/Sunday) per month (avoiding holidays) starting in early December, then one each in January, February, and March. After March, the corps tradtionally goes to two per month when the visual show is being taught.

The Kilties pride themselves in being affordable for all ages from a time and funding aspect, and an avenue to perform among the best with world class instruction/teaching.

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