Raiders Football Frenzy

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Are you ready for some football? The Raiders of Wayne NJ are currently running a great football fundraiser where you can win some great cash prizes! Get ready for Raiders Football Frenzy!

Stop by the Raiders web site and click on the Football Frenzy Link. There you can purchase tickets for the Raiders Footbal Frenzy! The tickets are only $10 to play 10 weeks. The tickets are valid for the weekends dated October 29 to December 31. The cards are already printed with 3 teams per week. The 3 teams change every week. Prizes are awarded to the highest 3-team total, 2nd highest 3-team total, 3rd highest 3-team total and 4th highest 3-team total. Now even if the ticket has 3 bad teams for a given week there is still a prize for the lowest 3 team total and 2nd lowest 3 team total.

"This is our second Season running this Fundraiser" adds Tom Maiello, Raiders Director. "last year we almost sold out all of the tickets we had, this year we really would like to do more. All monies from our off season fundraisers are being used to purchase 42 brand new Yamaha Horns for the upcoming 2007 season".

For more information regarding the Raiders and Raiders Football Frenzy, vist or the Football Frenzy link here.

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