Raiders Seeking Bingo Volunteers

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Now that the 2006 Drum Corps Season has concluded the Raiders of Wayne, NJ are looking for a few Bingo Volunteers for over the next few months. With the season over and members and family volunteers returning back home and to school, the corps is finding its Bingo Fundraising Project short just a “few” people.

“We are NOT looking for a lot people” says Tom Maiello, Raiders Corps Director. “We are looking for a few adults to help assist in Calling of Bingo Numbers and General Operations on Saturday Nights”. “Certain Restrictions dictate how we run Bingo and now that a core of our help has returned home, other volunteers are being pulled in different directions to make sure Bingo is run smoothly each week and it’s leaves a small void that has to be covered at the last minute”

Maiello adds, “Throughout the season I am always approached by MANY individuals from the surrounding DCA and Alumni corps in the area, asking how they can help our kids and the organization, well this is a way and it would be a welcomed addition and a great way to strengthen relationships with other organizations.” Over the years we have continued to have solid cooperative relationships with All the DCA Corps and Alumni Corps in our area, we truly enjoying working with them during the season” Maiello also adds, “This is not just an open invitation to corps in our area, we are seeing any individuals in the area that would like to volunteer to help 1 or 2 nights month, for just a few hours”.

If you are interested in helping, please feel free to visit the corps web site at or email The Corps Director, Tom Maiello at tommaeillo [at] raidersdbc [dot] org.

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