6th Hove Experimenting With Indoor Production

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6th Hove will be experimenting with an indoor, full corps production over the winter, based on our 2006 summer production "Bushido" which will challenge all performers to stay fit, adapt to a different performance arena and develop musical, visual and performance skills along side our usual winter program: Essentially the concept takes the essence of our summer production and re-works it for a condensed indoor arena; Imagine the excitement of drum corps in an intimate environment where the audience are almost part of the production, where dynamic range consists of more than just the ‘fortissimo’ required to fill a stadium with sound, where the performance can include music, marching, sound effects, costume, props, dance or the human voice and where the instruments, performers and audience won’t have to do battle with the British winter climate and other issues associated with rehearsing and performing outdoors…

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