Bluecoats Brass To Perform On Hammond Mouthpieces

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The Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to announce a new and exciting relationship with Hammond Design, a top manufacturer of customized brass instrument mouthpieces.

In 2006, the Bluecoats’ trumpet and mellophone sections used mouthpieces produced by Hammond Design, and in 2007 all sections of the Bluecoats brass line will exclusively use Hammond Mouthpieces.

Owner Karl Hammond says, “Our relationship with the Bluecoats has been an absolute pleasure. Working with their staff and players to create new mouthpieces has been a great experience and we are all excited about the results. We look forward to sponsoring the Bluecoats for the 2007 season.”

Bluecoats’ Executive Director David Glasgow is also excited about this new relationship. “We had great success using Hammond Designs Mouthpieces in 2006, and we can’t wait to hear what our brass line will sound like in 2007 when every section is using Karl’s high quality products.”

George Wozniak, Bluecoats Brass Co-Caption Head says about the quality of the mouthpieces, “Hammond Design Mouthpieces have helped provide us with clear and resonant projection throughout the range of our instruments. They also provide the ability to match consistency of tonal color from player to player and give students the equivalent set-up, quality and confidence that the Bluecoats brass ensemble demands.” For more information about Hammond Design mouthpieces, please visit their website (link below)or call Karl Hammond at 847-288-0242.

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