Capital Sound Will Not Compete In Pasadena

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After careful consideration and review of logistics and finances, Capital Sound has decided to bypass the 2007 DCI Championships in Pasadena. As an alternative, the corps plans an extensive schedule of competitions in DCI’s Central Division, as well as performances throughout the Wisconsin and Illinois region.

“It is a fiscally prudent decision that will keep the corps strong for 2007 and beyond,” Gofstein said. “I was aware of this when I took the directorship, and it’s a choice I completely support.”

Gofstein discussed the process that took place. “Our board of directors deliberated long and hard,” he continued. “We ended the 2006 season in good organizational shape. However, we concluded that, if we wanted to continue strengthening the corps, we had to sacrifice this trip. There has been some mild disappointment expressed by our current members, but they also understand and support the decision.”

Instead, 2007 is viewed as an opportunity to solidify its organization and membership, and interest in the corps is tremendous despite the decision, Gofstein added. Applications and inquiries have come from all over the United States, including the strong marching band areas in California, Florida, Ohio, and Texas.

The corps will be conducting an Open House for the 2007 season on Saturday, November 11, in Madison. Details can be found on the corps’ website,, or by calling the corps office, 608-212-7535.

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