Kilties 2007: Of Tartan Hearts And Warrior Souls

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All that is the Kilties, from their plaid soul to their valiant determination in competition, will be brought to life on the field in the Kilties 2007 production "Of Tartan Hearts and Warrior Souls."

The Kilties’ membership and fans alike formed an unbreakable emotional bond with "The Water is Wide," a prominently beautiful portion of the corps’ 2006 show. Representing a continuum of energy from last year to this, a majestic version of this new Kiltie classic will return to the 2007 field show as an unmistakable Kiltie entrance – one which broadly displays the true and earnest heart of each Kilties member.

Fitting of their homeland of misty highlands, the three-movement "Gaelforce" will leave little doubt that the 2007 Kilties have arrived at their field of battle. Combining technicality, Celtic rhythms and driving movement, "Gaelforce" is completely new to the drum corps realm and will undoubtedly leave its mark among those that experience its honor-laden strains.

Reaching for excellence in entertainment has always been a trademark of the Mad Plaid, and 2007 will be no different as the Kilties bring forth an old favorite in a new package. A sure-to-please arrangement of "Eli’s Comin’" will highlight that deep in the heart of every Kilties member is a desire to entertain, appealing to audiences the way only the Kilties can.

As Scotland the Brave lyrics tell us, "Brave are the hearts that beat beneath Scottish skies." The final segment of the show will weave traditional classics into a garment fitting of any proud Scottish warrior. The Kilties’ determination will be visually and musically displayed as Braveheart, Loch Lomand, Scotland the Brave, and Auld Lang Syne combine to bring audiences to their feet and proudly conclude the Kilties 2007 production. Simply put, whether on the field or in the stands, "Of Tartan Hearts and Warrior Souls" will be an experience no one will want to miss.

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