Les Diplomates – Back in 2007 on Dynasty

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Remember them?

They are Les Diplomates from Quebec, Canada and they are pleased to announce their partnership with Dynasty in 2007. Their come-back project has been going on for one year and they now have 120 members most of them former members and aiming 140 by the end of 2006.

The Board of Directors, on the advice of Louis Dion, Horn Director, has recommended the purchase of 81 new DYNASTY instruments for the Alumni Corps. Louis said: “We want to play a very good music with a golden sound and we chose on account of their winning attitude and the customer service with Brass Shop.”

"Dynasty USA is pleased to welcome the Diplomats to the Dynasty USA family. Being a Canadian-American, I am very familiar with the corps as a youngster growing up” said Allan Murray, vice president of Dynasty USA. “I have always admired all the people there.”

During the years 1962-1973, have brought some new ideas to the music and drill of drum corps. They have been the Canadian Senior Champions for many years and placed regularly in the DCA championships finals.

Les Diplomates want to bring back the drum corps in the Province of Quebec and are proud to partner with Dynasty to realize that project. For more information, www.lesdiplomates.org

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