Seattle Cascades Announce 2007 Brass Staff

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2007 Brass Staff
Lewis Norfleet, Caption Supervisor
Steve Menefee
Jeff Mitchell
Sean Petit
Matt Smith
Positions still available, contact Lewis Norfleet (lewisnorfleet [at] yahoo [dot] com)

The Cascades are proud to announce their brass staff for 2007. Lewis Norfleet, who was the brass arranger and brass staff member for the Cascades from 2000-2003, will be the supervisor of the caption. Norfleet is the co-director of bands at Evergreen High School in Vancouver, WA. Steve Menefee, director of bands at Ferndale High School and long-time staff member with Cascades, will also be re-joining the corps where he was the brass caption head from 1998 to 2003. Norfleet and Menefee worked together with the Cascades in the 2002 and 2003 seasons producing outstanding hornlines. Also joining the brass team is Jeff Mitchell from Beaverton, OR. Jeff is an alumnus of the Santa Clara Vanguard and has been the brass caption head for the Oregon Crusaders for the past two seasons. Matt Smith returns for his second year on staff having aged out of the Cascades. He is currently pursuing a degree in music education from Fresno State University. Shaun Petit joins the brass staff having been a member of the Cascades a decade ago. Petit has been performing & teaching for over 19 years as a trumpet player and instructor for numerous high schools in the Northwest. He marched for four years with the Cascades in 90s and has a degree in music education from Western Washington University.

Please visit for more information. Stay tuned for the rest of the section announcments shortly.

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