Troopers Ready For 2007

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Following a successful meeting in Chicago with the DCI’s Participation Review Committee, Troopers Executive Director Mike Ottoes is pleased to announce the Troopers full-scale return to division 1 Touring status for the 2007 Summer Music Games tour.

"We still expect a visit from the Participation Review Committee at one of our upcoming winter camps, but we have every confidence that the Troopers return to DCI competition will be a strong one," commented Ottoes following the weekend meetings. He continued, "I am grateful for the insight and support we have received from DCI Executive Director Dan Acheson and all the other drum corps."

The Troopers will now focus on recruiting members for a full 135 member corps. Nearly 200 students from across the country have already visited the corps website requesting membership information since September first. Auditions for the 2007 Troopers will take place in starting in November at Laramie Junior HS in Laramie, WY over Thanksgiving weekend. Complete camp information can be found on the Troopers official website at

Later this week, the Troopers will be announcing additional design staff as well as key caption head positions. Corps Director Fred Morris has been hard at work assembling a high-caliber educational staff to propel the Troopers return to the contest field.

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