Music City Legend 2007 Open House

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Music City Legend Drum and Bugle Corps, Tennessee’s first and only all-age drum and bugle corps, will host its annual Open House on Saturday, November 18th, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, at Goodpasture Christian School, 619 W. Due West Avenue, in Madison, Tennessee. The event marks the beginning of the 2007 season for the corps, based in the Nashville area.

The corps, planning for its fourth season of operation, travels on weekends during the summer months to compete against other similar units. Music City Legend has grown from a 21-member “mini-corps” in 2004, to class “A” competition in 2005, to achieving full membership status in Drum Corps Associates, the North American sanctioning body of all-age drum corps contests, with nearly 75 members during the 2006 season.

Their performance at the DCA World Championship this past Labor Day weekend in Rochester, New York, was rewarded with a score of 80.613, the highest ever earned by the corps. “MCL” hopes to boost its competitive standing and continue to grow in size and stature in 2007.

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