Southern Knights Open Guard Announce 2007 Program

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The Southern Knights Winterguard from Brighton & Hove, England are proud to announce details of their 2007 shows for the forthcoming Winter Guard United Kingdom season which will include competing at the Winter Guard International Euro Regional in London in February.

Open Class Guard

Using music and inspiration from the award winning film A Beautiful Mind, the Southern Knights bring to the floor the exceptional life of John Forbes Nash Jr. John Nash was branded a mathematical genius at the age of 30 and went on to international acclaim by winning the Nobel Prize in 1994. This is the story not only of a brilliant mind but of a troubled mind. Southern Knights will portray the courage, passion and triumph of John Nash’s life, work and mental illness.

The staff for 2007 will be:
Gavin Woodhead – Director
Tammy Clegg – Assistant Director
Adam Hood – Movement
David Fletcher – Drill
Tracy Trafford – Tech
Lori West – Tech

We are excited to also announce the addition of Dean Broadbent on to the design team for 2007. Dean is currently the director of Flanagan High School Winterguard based in Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA who were placed 5th in the Scholastic World Class at the 2006 WGI Championships. Dean will be travelling to the UK together with Hayden Rhodes – staff member of Flanagan High School Winterguard – for a full weekend of rehearsal at the end of November.

In addition, returning on staff for his 4th winter with Southern Knights, Adam Sage, now Director of the newly formed Phantom Regiment Winterguard, will be travelling to the UK to work with the Guard in December 2006 and February 2007 as well as acting as a consultant throughout the season.

2007 sees the Southern Knights move into a new era and the staff and 18 members are excited to explore the performance opportunities presented in this emotionally charged production. With the clever use of colourisation and props we hope to entice you into a world of mathematics and delusion!

A Class Guard

This years Southern Knights A Class Guard show will be performed to the classic track ‘Hotel California’ , set in the lobby of the mythical hotel made famous by the Eagles. Quote:- ”You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

For 2007 there will be 9 members of the A Guard and we are extremely pleased that 6 of these are members moving up from last years Junior class unit. This years Guard Captain is Jade Doutre and the staff are Guard Director Emma Brown, Mel Delves, Tracy Trafford and help from Dave Parris.

Junior Class Guard

Southern Knights Juniors show for 2007 is based around the concept of ‘Mountains’. Working alongside the newly appointed Guard Director, Mel Delves, will be Emma Brown, Tracy Trafford, Dave Barham and Becky Thompson. The unit is still going strong with 15 marching members of which a third have never competed in this class before.

Cadet Class Guard

This year the Southern Knights Rugrats will be performing to Robbie Williams, ‘Somewhere Beyond the Sea’. The show entitled ‘The SK Jazz Club’ will see all 16 members, many of which are brand new to Winterguard or only in their second season, developing there skills and knowledge of the activity.

This year’s show revolves around the theme of an old black and white film set in a jazz club. The members all dressed in red, hope to bring to life the entertaining and exciting atmosphere which takes place within the ‘The SK Jazz Club’.

For more information about the Southern Knights contact: enquiries [at] southernknights [dot] org [dot] uk

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