Capital Brass! Announces 2007 Plans

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The new Capital Brass! has some exciting performance plans for the new year. Members will take part in several unique experiences, including:

* The mini-corps has become a member of MCA (Mini Corps Associates). And, they have been invited to appear at the inaugural MCA Invitational, on April 14th.

* CB! will produce an ensemble to send to the North American Brass & Percussion I&E Championships, in Bridgeport, CT. The event is sponsored by the Buglers Hall of Fame and will be held on March 17th.

* Members will participate in a professional recording session, where they will produce a demo recording for promotional use.

* A student filmmaker at RIT has plans for a DOCUMENTARY FILM about the birth and development of Capital Brass!, culminating in our “coming out” on the national stage this spring.

* CB! will begin adding ALUMNI members later this spring; to participate, along with full-time members, as part of a Capital Region Alumni Corps – appearing in a few local parades and events. Alumni members will be committed only to a very limited rehearsal schedule and to whatever events in which they are available to participate.

* The corps is in negotiation for several very high profile local appearances for Spring and Summer; including a series of appearances at the famous Saratoga Race Track.

* After a 14 year absence, Capital Brass! will return to the DCA Championships, on Labor Day weekend. Depending on the number of interested players, CB! will be appearing in one or more of the I&E championship events.

* Rehearsals begin on Thursday, January 11th.

CB! is now considering new applicants, brass, percussion and guard, who would like to be a part of an EXCITING and DYMANIC music group.

Support personnel, interested in working on any of the projects listed, are also welcome.

We’ve already done the hard part: the mini-corps was launched in December, and got off the ground at a very high performance level, with 5 big local appearances. Now, YOU can be a part of the growth to BIGGER and BETTER things!

More info at:

Or write to us at: tommacdonald [at] brassomania [dot] com

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