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"It’s a tie!"

Electronics — No one hopped down a hole to predict this outcome. Somehow, the future of, speculate, two years from now, time-warped through a parallel dimension to Sunday morning in the director-packed DCInternational meeting room in the Sheraton in downtown Atlanta. George Hopkins, Cadets director, had told me just the day before in a one-on-one that he didn’t expect his electronics proposal to pass.

Hopkins explained in the exclusive interview, "I just try to keep bringing it (electronics) forward."

You could have found a drum corps 8-track cassette easier than you could have espied an apathetic demeanor in the metaphorically "smoke-filled room" when Sue Kuehnhold, DCI official, announced that 10-10 tally.

Gene Monterastelli, DCI Hall of Famer, cleared up any confusion regarding Kuehnhold’s revelation, stating, "A tie…Then, the proposal fails."

During the proposal discussion, Hopkins had explained, "One stroke equals one sound, unlike bands where one stroke may play on forever."

Rick Valenzuela, Phantom Regiment director, asked, "Who would police the sampling?" "All the other corps," Hopkins replied.

Hopkins, wanting no confusion or misinterpretation, explained, "Sampling is allowed but with limitations."

Valenzuela continued, "You (Hopkins) estimate $10,000" (for electronics equipment). Hopkins, Greg Orwoll, Colts director, et al., discussed that newer innovations and price changes meant that gear could be procured for around $6,000 to $7,000.

Mike Leone, Seattle Cascades director, added, "There are double-bass sounds (available) lower than a tuba."

While electronics shorted out in the surprising tie tally, corps aficionados know George or, now, some other corps will offer the proposal once again.

On Saturday, the Instructors’ Caucus had sent the proposal on for an official vote by a 17-2 count.

150 max member limit passed 16-4 for 2008

I could befuddle you with the numbers tossed about during the discussion on upping the well-established limit of 135 members in a Division I corps — 48-seat buses now evolving into 55, sometimes even 56…Suffice it to state the limit is now up to 150 in aught eight. Do know that the directors were aware and wary of adding another bus to any mile-long caravans on tour.

"Why not fill the seats?" "We can involve more kids." "Fifteen more kids means $15,000 more…$20,000…$21,000." "Those kids add more expense." These were typical comments.

2006 corps numbers were revealed by corps directors: Southwind, 133; Blue Stars, 130; Pioneer, 92; etc. How will this effect DII/III corps? Will there be aftershock ripples in DCAssociates?…I’m merely the messenger, not the seer.

The Instructors’ Caucus had relayed the 150 proposal on by 15-4.

Percussion judges percolate on decaf until after July fireworks

On Jeff Fiedler’s field, and all other DCI turfs, there will be no collisions with a percussion judge afield in the early season. Following slight modifications from the Cavalier director’s original proposal, the 18-2 vote now will provide one percussion professor in the stands using Sheet 1 through July 4 each season. After all the 4th of July parades, the familiar second judge will mingle in the lines on Sheet 2.

Instructors had given a 15-4 thumbs-up to the proposal.

5-minute warm-ups will sizzle the fan$

The one-minute warm-up has been extended to five. Now, don’t get your bibbers wrapped around a corps entry gate by getting confused. The current 17-minute total limit remains. Corps will simply have almost carte blanche to utilize the pre-performance time as they see slick, creating a "Do what you want" pre-show.

Hopkins clarified his motion, "The intent is to give more time to check amps. There is no ulterior motive."

Tony DiCarlo, show coordinator extraordinaire, offered his vast experience, "There have been issues in the past with checking" (regarding amps). Many felt more time would ease some of these amplifier snafus. Dan Acheson, DCI executive director, and DiCarlo discussed this openly in front of everyone before the unanimous acceptance.

With many mulling what could now possibly happen before "Are the judges ready?" — DiCarlo whimsically wondered, "Maybe I’ll need a (signal) gun again." Acheson stated, "We still have about four."

The Instructors’ Caucus had warmed up to the idea already, 19-0.

I quiver excitedly to anticipate how corps can creatively use this extra time to showcase even more entertainment and theme concepts. Think outside the amp box!

Visualize the viz whiz in the stands

The closest motion to pass was the 11-9 proposal to allow the visual adjudicator to be in the stands. While the original concept was to have one judge off the field the entire summer, an amendment offered this weekend zaps that judge back onto the field after, yep, July 4.

Gene Monterastelli, DCI Rule Committee chairman, whispered to me, "It passed because John Phillips (judge coordinator) said, ‘Let’s just try it!’"

The instructors had caucused this proposal into the voting stage, 16-3.

We could ponder these and more of the rule changes’ further ados, or one could search for an 8-track music cassette. To read more about the rules, to delve into both the back and front of the proposal sheets, click into Michael Boo’s expert report. If you prefer some old music, Dan Acheson said, "We still have some 8-tracks in the warehouse."

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