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Attention! Rarely have the winter rules votes by both DCInternational and DCAssociates created such a tempest in a teapot, a hornito, as has occurred this aught seven. A few fan$ want to bail out on the corps whose directors voted on certain electrifying issues. Poppycock! You know the who of what and when of which I speak. The why and how is complex. Off the cuff, I’m almost into the realm of blog journalism here:

The passion is percolating over in both DCI and DCA circles. It shows that "we" care. DCA decided to tighten the circle of voters from 14 possible to 10 possible. Seemingly 1,400 to 14,000 fan$ disagree, some with horripilating vitriolic verbiage. Concerning DCI’s rules voting last weekend, some have threatened that they and their wads of $50 bills will stay home based on parameters they oppose.

Dan Acheson, DCI executive director, said it best in his opening speech in Atlanta, "Learn from the past, and then get…out of there…Eighty % of people’s energy is used to worry about the facts."

This ol’ dawg has learned a few tricks. From scribing vehemently against various topics like any-key (G projects and corps is alfresco vs. Bb is better for intonation) and amplification, I’ve morphed into the 21st Century. I still fight for my causes, but I try to focus towards the horse’s mouth, not a scattergun approach that rains pellets on the wrong folks. I don’t just recite the mantra "It’s for the kids." — I believe it.

If we didn’t molt, we’d still have our color guards muzzled by rules and tradition, performing spins that are not as challenging or creative as today. We’d have no chromatic scale ability, tying the hands of artistes like Larry Kerchner, Donny Allen, Gerry Kelsey, Key Poulan, Wayne Downey, Dave Henry et al. Heavens to bulging groins, Pitman! — We’d still have marching tympani, one of the all-time ghoulish ideas in corpsdom, considering how it could and did damage marchers’ backs. Drum corps is not monospermous; i.e., we have evolved from more than one seed.

Mike Meyer asked for "The Tie" tally breakdown

Mike Meyers had posted politely asking me to provide info on how voters aligned on DCI’s electronics proposal. I posted that I had pursued by asking and would be back with any answer. However, in the meantime, more and seemingly multitudinous posts were accumulating threatening to withhold ticket purchases or not buy souvies from corps where some disagreed on certain hot issues, especially electronics. Any news I would submit would enter the realm of ammo. Sorry, I wore a uniform once as a "fighter." Now, I’ve donned a media pass. Supplying ammo would be used in sometimes mean-spirited ways. I’m a lover, not a bully. I hope that Meyer and others will understand.

Freedom of speech — Many, especially moi, have pointed out this crucial right needs to not be censored on the Internet, the Press, or in kitchen table chats. I’m censoring myself. Others made extremely divided requests of me, but, in this instance, the answer is No.

Parti pris postings persist

I ask that each lover of liberty, express your opinions, but do consider who you are addressing. Sitting at home in your undies at midnight posting is going to be read by other drum corps loving folks who also have their passions and sensitivities.

Posters such as audiodb, Tom Brace, Liam, Stef, Mike Davis, Matt Maedhros, David Bassan, drumcat, Mike Meyer, oldtimedrummer and so many others have made their cases diplomatically and wisely. Let’s all try to emulate their style.

Use this guideline: If you were addressing Cadets honcho George Hopkins, DCI Executive Director Dan Acheson, Cavies Executive Director Jeff Fiedler, or Blue Devils ED Dave Gibbs in the lobby of the Atlanta Sheraton or at show sponsors Bruce and Sara Brown’s DCI Fairfield, OH, show June 19, use the same courtesies online as you’d probably employ tete-a-tete, mano a mano.

I minimized other journalism files to get this off my chest. Maybe now, I can concentrate on more DCI Atlanta, the Honda Battle of the Bands, and other news. I owe, I owe DCWorld and DCPlanet. My trumpet and soprano bugle, close at hand, beckon like Bacchus.

Parade rest…At ease…As you were.

(The foregoing has been written in a modus interruptus as this scribe couldn’t concentrate on journalism or woodshed until this was shaken off my shako. Back to j-files with Arturo Sandoval’s "Danzon" throbbing. Peace ‘n out.)

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