DCI Winter Meetings open in Atlanta

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Drum Corps International’s "Power of One" winter meetings and workshops got underway today in Atlanta, Georgia – with a record attendance of over 360 on-hand. The meetings are a combined event for corps directors and instructors, DCI staff and judges, and the various Tour Event Partners that partner with DCI to produce the Summer Music Games tour. During the weekend, the DCI Board of Directors will meet to consider the general business of the organization and vote on a number of rules proposals that have been offered; the Hall of Fame luncheon will take place on Saturday afternoon and the 2006 members will be formally inducted; and workshops will be held on health and wellness topics, the future of adjudication, and a music-focused workshop on sound engineering.

In an effort to open the meetings to an even wider audience, DCI is producing a series of LIVE video webcasts, "Field Pass Live" – which may be found on DCI.org. There are live events planned for:

Friday, Jan 26 at 9:30pm EST – "The State of Drum Corps International"
Saturday, Jan 27 at 12:30pm EST – "Drum Corps International Hall of Fame Induction"
Saturday, Jan 27 at 8:00pm EST – "Saturday Recap"
Sunday, Jan 28 at 11:00am EST – "Post Conference Wrap-up"

Friday evening’s webcast was viewed by some 550 people – which is greater than the number of people in-attendance.

You’ll find more information on the webcasts on DCI.org.

DCP columnist Cozy Baker is in-attendance at the meetings and will be updating us on the proceedings throughout the weekend, as well as interviewing a number of DCI personalities – for later feature articles here on Drum Corps Planet.

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