Fusion Core Open House Report, Show Announcement

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For those of you who didn’t make it to Fusion Core’s first annual open house, you missed an outstanding afternoon of excitement drum corps style! There was electricity in the air and the level of talent represented by all sections far exceeded our expectations.

The show concept, “The Journey Begins”, was announced by Izzy Delgado, Visual Caption Head. As talks began of bringing Fusion Core to life off and on the field we were experiencing much in trepidation as we ventured into this new and exciting world. We felt “The Journey Begins” was apropos in showcasing the new corps struggles, challenges, and emotions as we venture into the 21st Century of Drum Corps.

The opener, "Minuano" by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays, introduces the corps to the world as one that is entertaining, powerful, and engaging yet determined. As the momentum starts to gain the struggle levels off and we are taken into the ballad, "Loss" by Don Ellis, which takes us through the emotional trials and tribulations that any worthwhile journey can offer. As our journey continues, it’s becomes those challenges that make us stronger and takes us into the future allowing us to become stronger and successful. "Strawberry Soup" by Don Ellis, musically showcases the exuberance of that success proving that as with all of life’s journey’s we can cherish and celebrate our accomplishments for years to come.

After lunch the corps broke into sections with the horn line learning a large portion of the opener and the drum line and guard rehearsing outside as the weather was spring like. Open house rehearsal closed with the horn line showcasing their efforts for the day; incredible effort for the first rehearsal!! Fusion Core’s first open house ended with everyone wanting more and that is what comes next, MORE. MORE SHOW, MORE MUSIC, MORE TIME TOGETHER AND MORE FUN!!

You may have missed open house, but IT’S NOT TOO LATE!

Fusion Core’s next full corps rehearsal will be January 20th from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm and will be held at the Elizabeth High School (Details to be posted on website http://fusioncorenj.homestead.com. This is going to be a season you won’t want to miss.

All are still welcome to come down and be a part of FUSION CORE. If you are a brass player and have a Bb horn, bring it with you. If not, bring a mouthpiece as we will provide you with a horn; percussionists bring sticks. If you are interested in marching or have any questions about membership, please visit our website.

Fusion Core January Rehearsal
January 20th
10:00am – 8:00pm
Elizabeth High School
Elizabeth NJ

Please visit our website for updated information and directions @ http://fusioncorenj.homestead.com or contact Holly Marino, Director at fusioncoredirect [at] gmail [dot] com

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